Don't know much about Chinese cuisines and snacks?

Learn the basics you need to know here. 

All the food shown will be featured in the festival.

Barbecue Corn on the Cob, a traditional Taiwanese street food.


BBQ corn on the cob, often served with spicy powder and mayonnaise, is very sweet and juicy.

Sweet, baked Taiwanese sausage.


Taiwanese Sausage is a traditional street food. It’s made from fatty pork with a sweet taste, often grilled and served on a stick.

Street snack originated from Hong Kong will also be featured in the Lunar New Year Festival 2016.

Egg Waffle

Egg waffle is a popular street snack. It is a sweet waffle-like batter cooked with special egg mold. It’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Traditional Chinese candy, the Dragon's Whisker Candy will be featured in one of the food booths.

Dragon's Whisker Candy

Dragon’s Whisker/Beard Candy is a handmade traditional art of China. It’s a rich and chewy sweet candy.

Fried crispy chicken filet is a one of the popular Taiwanese food that will be featured in the festival.


The fried chicken is a popular Taiwanese street food, often served with a pinch of pepper powder, which tastes very juicy.

Photo by Tea Bar.

Red Candied Fruit is a must-try traditional Chinese snack.

Red Candied Fruit (Tang-hu-lu)

Tang-hu-lu is made with fruits covered with hard candy on a bamboo stick. It was originally made with hawthorn, with some sesame sprinkles on top.

Sweet tofu (Dou-hua) is a tasty and healthy snack.


Douhua is a Chinese dessert made with soft tofu, serving with sweet toppings like cooked peanuts, beans and taro balls.

Oven baked sweet potatoes, originated from Taiwan's rural area, is a great snack featured in the festival.

Oven Baked Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes baked in brick stoves, are very popular during winter time. It’s sweet, soft, and very hot in temperature, perfect to warm you up.

Lamb skewers and other barbecued food are great taste of Asian countries.

Lamb Skewers

Lamb meat skewers, often roasted over an open fire with a slight pinch of hot pepper spice.

Of course, instant noodles more every mood.

Instant Noodles

Instant noodles originated from Asia, and are soaked in boiling water to serve. Flavor varies by countries. Photo by Indomie Instant Noodles.