We sincerely invite you to join our press conference on Jan 21, 2017 at 10:00 am, at Monterey Park City Hall (320 West Newmark Ave., Monterey Park)

About the Festival

Located in the heart of Chinese community, the 2017 Lunar New Year Festival, hosted by Monterey Park City and World Journal LA, is one of the largest celebration in southern California.

Last year (Year of the Goat) we attracted 250,000 visitors in the 2-day festival. Not only did we provide a welcoming celebration to those who are away from home, we also shared our Chinese culture to all participants

This year, as we celebrate the year of the monkey, the festival has never been bigger.

Event Info

Time: Jan. 21 (Sat)-Jan. 22 (Sun)

Location: 250 W. Garvey Avenue~400 E. Garvey Avenue in Monterey Park, CA

Admission: FREE

Parking: FREE with Shuttle Bus Service


Event Highlight

200+ Booths, 50 DIVERSE FOOD STANDS, 15 Cultural Performances, with Hands-on cultural art experience and carnival fun


We sincerely invite you to participate in our event. For more information: